Farm Brewery!

Here at Sprague Farm and Brew Works we are one of only a handful of breweries in the country that can truly and proudly call ourselves a "Farm Brewery"  We have 5 dedicated acres of farm used specifically for 6 row barley production. We harvest the raw barley and go through a lengthy malting/kilning process on site to produce a variety of base and specialty malts for brewing 100% Estate beers.  We have two hop fields and grow Cascade, Magnum, Mt. Hood, and Nugget hops available for Estate and seasonal beers/fresh/wet hop ales and lagers.  We welcome our patrons to come experience the Farm Brewery first hand and hope you leave with a greater appreciation of what it takes to make a handcrafted beer, from ground to glass!

We want to thank everybody who has helped make this dream a reality over the years, you know who you are!


Sprague Farm and Brew Works

"Born on a Farm, Raised in a Glass!"


Farm Grown and Hand Brewed Video!

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Steeping/ Aerating raw barley to begin malting process

Traditional Floor Malting. The wet grain is allowed to sprout and the enzymes begin to convert the reserved starches to sugars.  This is the level of grain modification and makes the malt easier to work with in the brewhouse.  The grain must be raked to prevent the rootlets from growing together and forming a large mat.  The sprouting process also generates heat and we want the grain to stay an even temperature to ensure a consistent malt. 


After 5 or so days of floor malting, the barley is ready to be slowly dried @ below 120 degrees as to not damage the enzymes that will be used in the brewing process.  This malt is then kilned at varying temperatures, times, and moisture contents to produce the malts that will be used for different beers in the brewhouse. We can make everything from the lightest "Wind Malt" to Pale malts, Munich Malts, Aromatic, Biscuit, Brown, and up!  Crystal malt is different as it goes in the kiln at the "Green" (wet) stage and held @ Mashing temperatures to convert the starches to sugars inside the husk, then raised to kilning temperatures to produce a crystallized/caramelized grain that is sweeter, caramel tasting, and raisiny depending on the temperature.

The Kiln

The grain is then tumble cleaned of the rootlets and other loose matter, bagged up, and ready to be milled and mashed and turned into your favorite Sprague Estate Brew, Cheers!


The Hops!


Hop Pickin!


The hops are handpicked, dried over screens over very low heat, vacuum packed, and frozen or used fresh off the bine for Wet or Fresh hopped seasonal beers.

Thanks for taking a look at our farm brewery, make sure next time your out to ask for an "Estate Beer" we always have one or two on tap for a truly local experience and taste of Venango, PA!

Always Remember,

"Approach your day the Sprague way!"